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I’m behind the desk doing my own accounts, head wrecking, I cant bill myself. Outside there is a blanket of snow on the ground and a fog of it falling. I want to go beyond the door, strip naked and run through it feeling the power of the cold on my skin, the air fresh in my lungs and the freedom in my soul.

but the office is in a housing estate so I would probably end up in a mental home after I got out of the hospital with pneumonia. Society with your silly rules and laws. Still i will be walking home later on feeling the ice scrunching beneath my shoes and somewhere in my mind I will be naked and free.

Why I want to go naked in the snow is beyond me, a call back to the wild perhaps or just pure silliness.

It nearly time for dinner, a micro wave job, chicken spuds and veg, Its the writing time for the rest of the hour that I am really looking forward to.

I am editing my first book, well first one that I have looked at since writing and last night I got to another bit I couldn’t remember writing. It was quite a funny bit so I enjoyed reading it and giggling.

The woman I walked up behind this morning had no ass to talk of, very disappointing.

That’s a fine looking sheep in that picture, a big woolly jumper and mutton chops