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The Final Fight

The Final Fight

I took the home you had inside

I fed the cat until he died

I showed you how to love a man

Was I the greatest lover you ever had

You slapped me once on Sunday night

You burnt my clothes after a fight

You held me tight that day I cried

You were the greatest love I ever had

I read you poems I wrote with chalk

I hit you once when you refused to talk

I took your dreams and held them tight

Was I the bastard you dreamed at night

You took the dog, the house and hope

You found a lover to help you cope

You rode us both on the same night

You were the one who won the final fight

© Frank McGivney 29.01.15

The traveller

Shake hands boys that’s the end of it

They’re will never be an end to it

Now paddy you need to let it go the days are growing long and years have past

Memories never die bucko

The lad has had enough

That’s my call not yours

No it’s mine now take him home to fuck

Come on boy away out of it. Your making a show of me in front of these lot of yellow belly sheebeens

I can’t see with my eye

You have two of them now come on out of it . They have a look of pity on them. It’s worst than any beating

Okay dad