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the dress

The Dress

You waited so long for something

To change in yourself

You waited too long for the kiss

To bring you peace

His tears dripped back on

The silver reflection

The one they saw

The one you knew was wrong

They worried you liked other boys

The playground named you queer

The mirror called you male

Your soul alone saw a girl

Blue jeans ripped and torn

White shirts and green ties

Pink dresses prim and right

Red tights, light and warm

I saw you walking on the cobbles

Your legs were smooth

Your ass was tight, I smiled

An Apple of Adam failed your design

Freedom came to you that night

Some shook their head, some cried

But I could see the beauty had appeared

To free your soul to fly

(c) Francie McGIvney 15/06/2015 someone who stimulated my mind at the weekend made me wonder what trans-sexual people might feel inside, I knew one once in another life when i wore a black jacket and he cried when he told me about walking the streets of dublin and pretending to be confident while inside his light flickered (my words not his/hers) anyway i hope you like.