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wild eyes

Wild Eyes (for she who knows the truth inside)

Her soul fluttered in the rising wind

screamed in the roaring sun

sang in the silent meadow,

bit the juice from life’s desire

Their minds shrank

to the passing touch

of her floating veil

her beauty they missed

in the echo of her scream

Who does she think she is

Could she not be normal

while standing above her station

why do anything, but live to die

she listened to their hate

She cried inside

her tears turned the flame

to an ember

He saw in her all he was himself

he held her hand and she held his

he kissed her lips and then her mind

the fire raged

consumed them both in joy

She gave him all he ever needed

The touch of a flame to make him smile


(c) Frank McGivney

Looking for loving (not finished just a bit of fun )

it was that time of the year

the hunger was sated

and the lust was building

i came down from the mountain side

looking for some loving

i took my time and cleaned up well

i washed the dirt of life’s lonely hell

the water stank and killed some fish

a bear watched and laughed

he went looking for some loving too

The tavern’s lights were down low

hiding the pain beyond the glow

women of all shapes and size lined up

waiting for picking or kicking

the men stood scratching

all of us looking for loving

The beauty of youth interested my loins

the beauty of age drove my desire

I was looking for a woman with

scars on her face and thoughts in her mind

i was looking for #loving with words

to be continued

Frank McGivney 12.02.15

#valentines day