Budget 2015

Budget 2015

The feathers plumped softly in the cushion

She lay beneath the cheeks of his spreading

Posterior from whence came his proclamations.

Beside him the one crooked to the front, took

His place upon the podium with velvet grace.

Silence fell as his tongue licked the lips from which

The beggar’s pennies were cast forth upon the sunken

Shoulders of the green land, once proud now covered

In a shroud of deceptive schemes and fairy-tale dreams

He winked a twitching eye and nodded a shaky head

And beneath his snaking breath he whispered real slow

Real easy, real unsure of him and them and all the rest

“Do they believe, do they understand, do they see?”

He flicks the pages of the comic beneath his script

He smiles a sneer and inside he thinks the plot is laid

The worms will follow the mellow chords we lay

Beneath the feet of those not willing to change

who always follow the idiot’s chime

© Francie McGivney 13.10.15