When shyness lost

Its hold


Words won the war.

Beyond the wall


For a while

A tear would fall

The bricks decayed

Where light touched

And drew close

The words inside

To smile

A dream once hidden

Begins where fear


And love begins

For lifes sweet kiss

Of sunset skies

On starling wings

And nighttime stars

Of moonlight dreams

When shyness lost

Its hold


Words won the war.

(C) Frankie Mcgivney


I pass it by and cry

To see the bricks

Where the cement

Has dried to dust

The world we told

Ourselves we’d build

Hand in hand

Is waiting in silence

For us to return

But how,

I’m lost

In a maze inside

My mind.

I hear your voice

But the walls revolve

And world we were

To build crumbles

From the echo

Of us walking

Without the other’s


(C) frankie mcgivney


the tendon tore
the mind released
the body sore
it finally lies
waiting to repair
i think i see the path
back to here
to this place where words reign
the beauty of the sentence
the wonder of the thought
i liked to fight
but my love is to write
to see the picture on the page
the one i cant draw with paint
to feel the sense of some place else
take me back
embrace my soul
for i have missed this place
to be alone with nothing but the pen

Francie McGivney writing once more