Rambling spain

A line of ants passed me by unheeded by my presence as the sweat from my brow dripped upon their never ending toil. I however stood bent over fascinated at their maneuvers. My curiosity sated i passed on by along the deserted dust path with nothing but nick cave in my ear and the constant flutter of the hares darting in to multicolored half barren bushes as i approach. The smell of orange lingers on the air and i wonder are they hares or rabbits. Perhaps a bit of both. Crossbreeding and both species side by side. And i stroll on. The girl in the too tight leggings says hola. I find it hard to know where to look for her top is made for someone less fond of food as well. The auld lads all think im spanish i think. They give me the auld fella nods and the beunz diaz and i return the favour. Nick is hammering on about the big red hand and in the cool of the tunnel i feel shade and read the graffiti in illegible fluorescent shades of pink and blue and greens and i walk on somewhat more educated. The dog in need of anger management classes growls from behind an iron fence, his chain restricting him enough to put the hibbey gibbeys in me as to why he needs a chaining as well as a fencing. I tend towards the other half of the path while the tshirt is drowned in my hand and the heat on my skin reminds me of my bloodline which originated in this land where i feel so much at home. I bear their colour and their ease of pace and inside a fury made beautiful by its self containment within the bounds of self contentment.

I should have brought water but i feel strong. I have the goat in me to keep going, the mountain goat blood of my mothers side, the lack of equilibrium in my mental disposition acquried from the same source. The words and love of same dropped directly from the branches of my fathers orchard.

The point I’m aiming for is farther than it appears but it wont defeat me. The man with the moped tied with two dogs in need of walking passes me by and i smile. He raise his hand in salute and i do the same reflected in the mirror of his overladen motorised biwheel vehicle. A model long gone out of production yet still it plods along uncaring of its generational positioning.

I touch the wall and stop. Wild trees and a vslley to a near dry river. A long distance from the supposed catch of the so called fishing village yet still its holds the beauty of its functional claim. The trees bend with the multicolored flowered bushes to form the magnificane of this piece of the world where the ink traces the paper of the note book which was selected for me by the small hands i have held since her and his birth.

I smile and turn to return to the world beyond the wild of this moment

(C) frankie mcgivney in spain

The group is not the individual

You know there is no muslim or catholic or liverpool supporter or american who defines how members of any given sub section of the human population actually are in truth. Being a gay jewish supporter of animal rights for the cray fish may define you personally in your own perception of your current manifestation of humanity but it doesnt define every gay jewish supporter of cray fish rights.no more than been born into the muslim religion puts you in the same bracket as a fundamentalist who wants to kill people. If it did considering the amount of muslim people who live in Britain then there would be alot of dead people. Perhaps the best illustration of the ludicrous nature of such thinking is the indiscriminate nature of terrorism which kills people of every creed

So it is with every aspect of human interest or definition or subscription. Most muslims are more worried about what will happen in eastenders and concerned with managing to get to work on time after bringing the kids to school than with what button to press on the suicide vest. Much the same as very few irish catholics had any interest in blowing up building in birmingham or indeed catholics had any interest in burning women at the stake for being witches eg women who refused to be subservient to men of very low intelligence and even lower imagination.

All this populist nonsense reducing all members of groups to minuscule defined generalizations has to be combated by everyone by overcoming the temptation of group think (Orwell was one of the few prophets actually worth listening and learning from).

A quick study of the profile images on social media clearly illustrates the manner in which people define or wish to define themselves, often in very small self contained criteria. Yet if asked I’m sure we would all see our true selves in a wider context. A multitude of aspects of personalty, interests and loves and hates combining to make who me or you are different from Betty from number 6 down the road and a whole lot different from Simon who lives in a boat on the Thames.

Yet still it seems if you believe the papers after a terrorist incident that all muslims want to engage in jihad and take over america or britan or even ireland. Have people who believe this nonsense even talked to a person of the muslim faith or heard them laugh at jokes or tell stories about their children. Do you really believe they are all driven by the darker interpretations of passages of the Koran as much as Christians are driven by the obnoxious drivel of the old testament of the bible.

Those who think the ravings of the Koran are evil should take a wee peak at the old testament for some truely mental passages especially as they pretain to how members of the female sex should be treated. I have to admit to thinking all such books as absolutly horrendous attempts at control and discrimination which are only worthy of study to see the depths mankind will go to in order to gain control over others via the wide spectrum of our species imaginations.

The source of all information should be considered before you take credence in its validity. The people who sell you this drivel have agendas both political and financial. Creating a them and us mentality allows for a political stance which plays to the lowest common denominator of humans tendancy for discrimination thus allowing for elections or brexit type votes to be won

Just ask yourself truthfully do you believe all soccer supporters are holligans as the papers would make you believe if you read a newspaper with no prior preconceptions or loyalties for soccer ball and then ask yourself perhaps is the same been done to muslims and the Arab people in general. Look up saudi arabia and you will see that the vast majority of people there are more interested in food for their children than in bombs.

(C) frank mcgivney