ramblings 26.09.14

The character from a book I most feel I am like is Walter Mitty . Standing gazing into space with my imagination travelling to new worlds and waking from a daydream to the look of people wondering am I a bit on the slow or weird side. Thinking that normal is the one place I’d hate to end up to be

If words are bricks then poems are the palaces that rule the world. The ultimate play with words to express the inner thought. Poems are the sculptures moulded from the poets words

is there anything as good as meeting new people who just hold you with fascination. From work today and yesterday and from the writing class last night I had the pleasure of listening to people who were more refreshing to listen to than standing under an ice cold waterfall in the middle of the Amazon..

I came out of the high court today and walking down the quay to my car i seen a right looking boyo and his girlfriend and he with that head upon him and he looking into the windows of all the cars obviously waiting to find something to rob and all I kept thinking to myself was one question “do scum bags float in the liffey” .

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