Here to there

Those words just came into my mind “from here to there” and back again. But should there be a back again and if there is should the place you go back to be altered you have have just been. Perhaps by means of your self development and growth. That’s the problem isn’t it. We focus so much on the end point that we miss all the points between. The places where a turn of your head could lead you to a smile or a story . Perhaps to a path that leads you to the three bears cottage or where you help hansel and Gretha.
Even in the poem the options of two paths where one is less worn isn’t satisfactory when you could experience both path. Is human growth confined to the growth of our bones once the age of schooling is over or do we seek out all that can change and develop ourselves mentally and physically. Steroids for the mind instead of Valium to deaden the pain of free though.



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