Paddy’s temper

“Well Feck you and the rest of them”

“Now Paddy cool down boy, Remember what happened the last time”

“What are you on about, you gobshite”

“There you go again just like the last time”

“I cant remember a last time”

“You see that’s what I’m talking about”

“Jaysus your a fucking pain in the arse”

“Ah there it is, the head is gone again”

“I am perfectly calm”

“No your not”

“Listen to me you scuttering little shite I am perfectly calm, there’s not a bother on me”

“Remember the river and the tinkers from last summer”

“That was a pure accident”

“Some of them are still recovering after it”

“They were up for it so they were and it was nothing to do with me”

“The hurley had your name carved on it”

“That could have been any Paddy McCabe”

“That John Jo Ward has still a terrible case of the shakes after what you and that Sheila Reilly one did to him”

“Ah now leave Sheila out of it, She’s as pure as a sheep on a mountain”

“There’s a lot of rams roaming the mountains”

“There is to be sure”

To be continued

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