tuam babies

796 souls

The lost path of bible bearing bitches

enforced the dogma of a merciless church

They displayed their gospels with evil reverence

in black habits hiding blackened souls

The stones they held burnt holes

in the wicked crevices of hands

that held whips in the right and

the wood of a cross in the left

wielding one with vicious hatred

wilting the other with heartless prayers

While the walls of the sewerage tank

Echoes to the cries of 796 babies

They kneeled before the brides of god

sentinels lining the path to Dante’s Inferno

the deity’s maids the hand of the demon

Tears lined the callous halls of

pure white, hiding the blood dripping

from every brick and window.

Evil hidden in rosary beads and Amens

While the spirits of the lost walk

in the dark shadow of the malignant footsteps

Of their sanctimonious gait

While the walls of the sewerage tank

Echoes to the cries of 796 screams

Our only crime was been born without

their poisoned blessing. We stand innocent

hearts and souls devoid of their wicked

ways. They snatched us from the cradles

where we belong. Our tiny hand prints

pressed for eternity into the shame of

a nation’s crime. The pitter patter of

nature’s beloved line a trail of

pink and blue footprints that flow

red with the blood of holy justice

While the walls of the sewerage tank

Echoes to the tears of 796 angels..

Still a church is cleansed of the crime.

Eyes shut to the evil inside.

Still they hold the cross as their

Rosaries on bended knees they pray.

No confessions made to the law of god nor man.

The states rulers lie guilty once more

The fear of god above the justice

Of the innocent cries of our children

Raped of their future by evil hands

While the walls of the sewerage tanks

Echoes to the cries of 796 souls

© Frank McGivney 06 June 2014


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