conversations the escort


Hello baby

I was wondering, I mean I saw your advert

okay sweetie

Are you free now, I could meet you know if you were free

Give me half an hour to get ready baby

How much are you

Well it depends baby

For half an hour and just normal stuff you know, none of that weird stuff, just straight in and out.

Have you ever been with someone like me before baby

Well i have had girlfriends, well kind of.

Okay well its 100 for a half hour

Do you kiss, I mean can i kiss you on the lips

Yeah of course you can.

Okay Where do I go.

I ll text you the directions

Jaysus do you have my number

It came up on the screen when you rang

oh yeah of course , i just nervous should i have a shower

Yeah a shower yeah baby that’s good

Right I see you in half and hour, oh god I may have to call some other time

why baby

I had an accident

are you okay

yeah i just got so excited thinking of you and a shower i had an accident I need to go and clean up


Hello are you there, ah here , not again.


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